Why expose your cannabis facility to evil toxins?


The greenhouse effect, the smog, the air pollution, the exhausts, and the fumes – we are living in a toxic world.

Why should any part of the environment in which we produce the medicine that is supposed to counteract the effects of our modern-day living be toxic as well?

The cannabis industry continues to expand rapidly, boosted by the December 2018 signing of the Farm Bill by President Trump. Much of the development centers around building state-of-the-art facilities where crops are handled to human food-grade standards.

In our quest to aid cannabis growers to achieve a healthy growing environment and pass all the strict USDA regulations regarding human consumables, our cannabis floor coating results into zero toxicity.

Traditional Epoxy Floor Coatings Contain Harmful Toxins

Formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds – have you ever been in a position to smell them? How dizzy and uncomfortable did they make you feel?

Added in products such as paint, coatings, and varnishes, VOC’s; primarily Formaldehyde, are chemicals that vaporize and fill the air at room temperature. As they permeate into the environment, they start to release their toxic particles, resulting in this noxious odor that makes your head spin.

While you might endure the smell, exposing yourself to volatile organic compounds come with adverse health effects. Shortness of breath, fatigue, nose and throat irritation are just the start of the negative health consequences that come with inhaling these toxins. Asthma, heart disease, and cancer come out of prolonged exposure to high concentrations of VOC’s.

Seeing as how VOC’s are used as solvents in traditional epoxy floor coatings, imagine how hard it must be for your cannabis crops to respirate properly when, little by little, these harmful toxins fill the indoor air of your cannabis facility.

Hold your Cannabis Facility to Human Food Grade Standards

You are building, or already built your business to help people.

But, the sheer wish you have to help people fight the good fight and heal through the power of nature will remain a wish if you don’t meet all existing, and future USDA regulations regarding cannabis for medical purposes. The regulations are stating that producing a human ‘consumable’ requires you to build your production facility that will hold to human food-grade standards.

That translates into an all-natural growing environment and a cannabis facility floor coating that’s VOC free.

That’s where our natural, cannabis floor coatings come into play. They allow your crops to breathe properly. They allow for the best end product that you can get. They allow you to pass USDA regulations.

Ecodur – The only natural cannabis floor coating in existence

Coat your floors with epoxy, both you and your crops in your cannabis facility might just develop asthma.

You are producing medicine. It’s absolutely necessary that your cannabis floor coating be non-toxic and VOC-free.

We call it Ecodur. We call it Lifetime Coatings.

Made from castor oil and gypsum, it’s not only free of any harmful toxins, it is far tougher than any other traditional epoxy floor coating. Its superior adhesion and flexibility last through the whole lifespan; which can be decades.

To top that off, if something happens to your coating in the meantime and it gets damaged, it can easily be repaired as the materials have the ability to re-bond to original Ecodur surfaces.


Your cannabis facility is a place where medicine is being grown.

Coating it with Epoxy floor coatings means exposing your crops to so many harmful toxins that prevent them from breathing properly.

Besides, with the USDA regulations getting stricter by the day, a natural solution is required. A cannabis floor coating is required.

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