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Lifetime Green Coatings provides years of low-maintenance protection for all your home floor & outdoor surfaces

Meet the Owners

Jeremy and Anna Brown

Jeremy and Anna Brown are upstate natives. They met way back when Jeremy was a much better looking and athletic version of himself racing dirt bikes competitively and Anna was naive enough to fall for him. Turns out, he was a nerd and pursued a career in math. Anna shoulders much of the social load for Jeremy and also helps people every day as a nurse practitioner.

They’re happy to tell you all about themselves and their 3 kids, 2 dogs, and farm animals, but they’d much prefer you call “Granddad” Joey Bearden. He’ll tell you all about the youngins and also hook you up with a great quote on an eco-friendly and wallet safe flooring alternative for your garage, basement, or commercial space.


Joseph Bearden

General Manager

Lasting Floor Coating for Home Surfaces

Frustrated by unsightly concrete garage floors and high-traffic areas outside your South Carolina home? Floor coating services from Lifetime Green Coatings are the answer you’re looking for!

You deserve a floor coating that can be applied swiftly in any weather and is tough enough to stand up to South Carolina weather conditions.

Lifetime Green Coatings offers non-toxic, durable floor coating services throughout South Carolina to make your garage, driveways, steps, patios, and other home surfaces look as beautiful and smooth as new—giving you lasting value and enjoyment.


19 Ways we Beat our Competition

Lifetime Green Coatings: A Clear Winner Over Epoxy

Don’t settle for subpar results from epoxy and paint treatments offered by other floor coating services in the South Carolina area. These treatments may be common, but they don’t deliver the lasting, gorgeous results you’ll enjoy with Lifetime Green Coatings.


No need to strip or sand surfaces before applying our coating


Dries quickly, even in cold temperatures

Smooth, Striking

Fills in unsightly cracks and gaps to create even, level flooring


Prevents unsafe slipping for safer footing

Class “A”
Fire Rating

Resists igniting when exposed to gas fumes, keeping you safer


Doesn’t easily crack or peel, and can be refreshed with a new coating over existing one

Choose From Over 250 Color Options to Fit Your Home



Silver Bells




Blue Lagoon

Eclair Blend





Protect Your South Carolina Home for Years to Come

You’ll love working with our team of South Carolina floor coating service experts!

  • Timely Service — From estimate to completion, we move quickly so you get swift results, without hassles.
  • Convenient Process — We sweep, lay tarps, and let the coating cure for a few hours. That’s all it takes.
  • Fantastic Follow-Up — We leave your home spotless, remove any trash, and provide a lifetime warranty that gives you peace of mind.

Be proud of your home’s eye-catching garage and concrete sealing with South Carolina’s floor coating experts at Lifetime Green Coatings.

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