Epoxy vs Lifetime Green Coatings


If you have ever been around any epoxy material then you know exactly how noxious the fumes are. Coat any floor in an outdated epoxy or polyurea finish and your house will smell toxic for a month. Not with Lifetime Green Coatings. Our eco-friendly floor coating and concrete sealing is a patented combination of natural materials means you will smell only a very pleasant, wholesome scent. Lifetime Green Coatings also carries an A-fire rating, helping your home stay safe.


An immediate advantage you will notice with our eco-friendly floor coating and concrete sealing service is the ease of preparation, and a safe working environment. When other products require messy grinding or caustic acid washing to stick to the floor, we only need a basic broom sweeping. This eliminates a costly step, and the loss of an entire day, a savings which is passed directly to you.


If you should damage the floor by some extreme impact, it can be easily fixed with our eco-friendly floor coating and concrete sealing service. Our unique material will bond to itself even decades later and will self-level, a claim no other coating can make. Our hardworking technicians are ready to assist you day or night with any cosmetic repairs.


The Lifetime Green Coatings floor has 100% adhesion and 120% elongation. So, if the surface moves underneath, our coating will flex with it and won’t release. With our eco-friendly floor coating and concrete sealing service, we provide an extended warranty because we have decades worth of time-proven projects under the most demanding conditions (think Bearing Sea ship decks or North Dakota oil fields).


Once our coating is applied, it will cure to the touch in one hour. You can walk on it within a few hours, and your floor can be put back into regular service the next day. It’s one of the fastest curing floors on the planet.


The Lifetime Green Coatings floor will not break down due to hot tires, exposure to oils or any other automotive fluids, acids and many other chemicals. Our patented process has over 25 years of proven performance, including parking garages with 20,000 cars a day exposed to harsh winter road salt and sand. Lifetime Green Coatings has been fully lab and field tested to be tough.

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