How (and Why) to Become an Environmentally Friendly Company?

by Lifetime Green Coatings |

Feb 13, 2020 |



More and more people are aware of how important a healthy environment is. It’s a super positive trend that will, hopefully, continue to rise. Businesswise, it means that both your customers and business partners also have increased environmental awareness. Hence, they’ll take into consideration if your company is eco-friendly or not. We will show you the most significant advantages of becoming an environmentally friendly company, and also how to achieve that.

The advantages of becoming an eco-friendly business

Nowadays, many customers have increased awareness about a healthy environment. Therefore, applying green business practices is closely related to the growth of your customer base. As a result, your brand reputation will jump higher, as people will admire your environmental commitment. You can even start creating relationships with other environmentally friendly companies within the same industry.

Sustainability is another vital business aspect. In the long run, it is one of the most important goals. Even though it might be costly to buy energy-efficient equipment in the early days of your business, it will put your business on a sustainable foot. It is always better to look a few steps forward, instead of looking for a short-term, small profit.

On top of that, in some cases, environmental and economic costs are aligned, so you can save a lot by reducing waste. Energy efficiency provides benefits for both your business and the environment. Heating, cooling system, and efficient lighting generate massive cost savings every month. Therefore, investing in sustainable equipment might sometimes be less costly than other (less eco-friendly) options.

3 ways to green your business

Eco-friendly floor coating

Epoxy and bare concrete are the enemies of a healthy environment. Finding an alternative is mandatory if you want to create an eco-friendly business. Lifetime Ecodur coating, besides making an environmental impact, beats out all traditional coatings in terms of durability, protection, and cost. Every product from our line is both VOC-free and BPA-free. Contents are renewable, recyclable, and can form a durable protective layer without the usage of toxic solvents. Our non-epoxy floor coating is the only one that can, at the same time, keep your other materials from decaying, beautify the space, and protect the planet.

The floor is an essential part of every facility, office, or even smaller rooms. Many people underestimate its importance, but it has a huge impact on our health. Epoxy chemicals can cause different issues and diseases. Hence, it is irresponsible to jeopardize the health of your employees by implementing epoxy-based floors. Going for a healthy option, such as Lifetime Ecodur coating, means that you care about your employees, as well as your own health.

Paper-free office

Going paperless is one of the most environmentally friendly decisions you can make. Papermaking causes pollution coming from the logging or the fumes from factories. Even though one more paperless office is not making the difference, you will still set a good example for other people that might opt for the same thing. Fortunately, nowadays, we have Cloud services and various other computer programs where you can save and sort your documents and files.

However, if you still need office printing for monthly reports or any other special documents, you can always outsource the whole process to an external company that has the necessary machines to reduce (minimize) the waste. The professional printer also has the potential to save energy.

Replace traditional lightbulbs

The issue with old, traditional lightbulbs is that they consume a massive amount of energy. As a result, they don’t last very long and you are forced to keep replacing them. Instead, it is a lot better to go for high-performance fluorescents or LEDs that are the best option by far. They are saving both energy and money since you won’t need to replace them for years.

The trick with LEDs is that they don’t contain mercury and other toxic gases that we can find in incandescent lights. Sure, they cost more, but since they last more than five times longer than other bulbs, it is a very worthwhile investment.


Providing a safe working environment for your employees is crucial in many different aspects. First of all, your employees will respect and appreciate such a decision. Your reputation among the collective will rise and people will trust you more. On top of that, you will create an eco-friendly atmosphere, where people will get more interested in ecological subjects. As a result, some of them might come up with nice ideas on how to improve your space even more.


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