Tips for Packing Up Your Garage for Moving

by Lifetime Green Coatings |

Apr 05, 2024 |

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Packing up your garage can be one of the most daunting tasks in a move. It’s a catch-all space filled with diverse items—from bulky and awkward tools to potentially hazardous materials. Throw in years of accumulated clutter, and the task can easily feel overwhelming! However, with a little planning and organization, you can streamline the process and make your garage move a breeze.

Decluttering Your Garage

Before you start packing a single moving box, the most crucial step is decluttering. This will drastically reduce the volume of items you need to move and make the packing process infinitely more manageable.

  • Sorting Strategies: Designate areas or large containers for “Keep,” “Sell,” “Donate,” and “Trash.” Be ruthless as you sort through your belongings and get items designated “Donate” and “Trash” out of your garage as soon as possible.
  • Decision-Making Criteria: Ask yourself the following questions about each item: Have I used this in the last year? Is it broken or irreparable? Do I have duplicates? Would someone else get more use out of it? Does it bring me joy? While sentimental items can be tricky to let go of, try to limit what you’ll keep to things you’ll use again.
  • Green Option: Consider sustainable disposal methods. Recycle what you can, repurpose items creatively, and choose donation centers that prioritize eco-friendly practices.

Gathering Packing Supplies

Having the right packing supplies will streamline the process and protect your belongings during the move. Here’s what you’ll likely need:

  • Packing Materials:
    • Sturdy cardboard boxes in various sizes
    • Packing paper or newsprint
    • Bubble wrap
    • Packing tape
    • Markers for labeling
    • Furniture blankets or moving pads
    • Trash bags
  • Specialized Supplies (if applicable):
    • Toolboxes for hand tools
    • Wardrobe boxes for hanging items
    • Bike boxes
    • Plastic bins with lids for liquids
  • Eco-Conscious Choices: Opt for recycled boxes, biodegradable packing peanuts, and reusable moving blankets. You might even be able to source used boxes from local businesses or online marketplaces. If you or other members of your family move frequently, consider breaking down and storing boxes in good condition to be used again as a cost-saving and eco-friendly option.


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How to Pack Your Garage: Tips for Various Items

Packing your garage requires tailored strategies for the diverse items you’ll encounter. From delicate tools to bulky sports equipment, some thoughtful planning will ensure everything arrives at your new home safe and sound. Let’s dive into specific tips for those common garage categories:

  1. Tools and Hardware:
    • Clean and oil tools to prevent rust.
    • Disassemble larger tools where possible.
    • Properly wrap delicate parts individually.
    • Use original boxes if available, otherwise, pack in small, well-cushioned boxes.
    • Consolidate small hardware, like screws, nails, etc., into labeled bags or containers.
  2. Lawn and Garden Equipment:
    • Drain fuel and oil from all power tools and equipment.
    • Clean off dirt and debris from tools.
    • Detach sharp-edged tools if possible and wrap the sharp blades securely with cardboard or bubble wrap.
    • Bundle large garden tools together with rope or ties.
  3. Sports and Recreational Gear:
    • Disassemble larger items like play structures if possible.
    • Utilize specialty boxes for sports equipment.
    • Thoroughly clean and dry all items before packing to prevent mildew.
  4. Hazardous Materials:
    • Follow strict disposal guidelines for chemicals, paints, car batteries, and other potentially hazardous items. Never mix with regular trash.
    • Check local hazardous waste collection sites or schedules.
    • Securely pack any retained chemicals in leak-proof containers and label them clearly.
  5. Oddly Shaped Items:
    • Think outside the standard box! Cut and reassemble smaller boxes to form custom shapes that accommodate unusual items.
    • Utilize packing peanuts, bubble wrap, old towels, or crumpled newspapers to fill empty spaces around odd shapes, preventing shifting within the box.
    • Use plenty of packing tape to reinforce moving boxes and prevent items from poking through.

Labeling and Inventory

A clear labeling system and a detailed inventory go a long way in making the unpacking process smoother. One tried and true method is a color-coded system. Before getting started, assign a color to each room in your new house and use corresponding colored stickers or labels on your boxes. You’ll want to remember to purchase markers or colored stickers and labels along with your boxes and packing materials.

Another favorite method is creating a detailed inventory list. This list will include the contents of each box and its designated room, proving invaluable when you’re searching for specific items.

The last method we recommend is tech-savvy assistance. There are several inventory apps that simplify cataloging your items and make searching even easier. Do a bit of research before starting the move to settle on which you’ll be using and familiarize yourself with the app.

Hiring Professionals for Heavy and Bulky Items

Sometimes, even with careful planning, certain garage items require the professional help of a moving company. It’s important to consider a few factors when deciding whether your movie is something you want to tackle on your own.

Firstly, you’ll need to be honest about your physical abilities and the help you have available. Moving heavy appliances or furniture poses injury risks, so it’s vital to be realistic about what you’ll be able to tackle on your own. Secondly, it’s important to weigh the value of your time and physical safety against the expense of hiring professionals. You may be able to move several smaller items and boxes yourself, leaving only the very large or heavy items for the professionals, saving you money by only using professionals for what is absolutely necessary. Finally, certain items, like pianos, hot tubs, or large workshop equipment, require specialty movers. Get quotes tailored to your specific needs so you can factor the expense into your budget.

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Upgrade Your Move & Your Garage with Lifetime Green Coatings

At Lifetime Green Coatings, we offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional epoxy floor coatings. Our durable, non-toxic solutions create a beautiful, long-lasting finish for your garage floor. Let’s explore how we can benefit your move:

  • Protecting Your Garage Floor: Before moving begins, consider improving your new space with the durability of Lifetime Green Coatings floor protection. Our eco-friendly coatings resist scratches, stains, and the impact of moving heavy furniture and equipment.
  • Enhancing Your New Space: A Lifetime Green Coatings upgrade transforms your new garage into a clean, durable, easy-to-maintain space, adding value to your new home.
  • Environmentally-Conscious Moving Partner: Our commitment to eco-friendly solutions aligns perfectly with your decluttering efforts and desire for a sustainable move.
  • Fast Installation Process: Our fast-curing coatings won’t delay your move. We can get started as soon as you get the keys, meaning your garage will be ready and full-cured by the time you move in.

Final Checklist Before Moving Day

With all the packing done, take care of these last few essentials before handing over the keys:

  • Utilities Disconnected: Double-check that gas, water, electricity, and other services have been properly disconnected at your old garage.
  • Clean and Sweep: Leave the space tidy and presentable for the new owners.
  • Double-Check Inventory: Refer to your inventory list to ensure everything is either packed in the moving truck or intentionally left behind.

Ready to upgrade your garage? Explore Lifetime Green Coatings for a durable, beautiful, eco-friendly floor that simplifies moving and enhances your garage space for years. We offer a variety of colors and styles to personalize your garage floor! Get your quote today!


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