Food-Safe Agriculture Floor Coating

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Keep Floors Hygienic, Safe, and Slip-Resistant

Dissatisfied with flooring that is hard to clean, wears down fast, and doesn’t meet strict agricultural guidelines?

It’s time to turn to Lifetime Green Coatings!

Our industrial-grade, environmentally friendly concrete floor coating is food-safe, anti-slip and easy to apply—making it ideal for any business that handles food, plants, or livestock like these:

  • Cannabis industry
  • Greenhouses
  • Soy processing plants
  • Mushroom facilities
  • Poultry, cattle and pig farming

Outstanding Agricultural Industry Flooring Solutions

Agricultural operations require consistent, detailed cleaning to meet the industry’s stringent hygiene guidelines—which can make flooring worn, slippery, and hazardous to employees, plants, and livestock.

Long-lasting, non-toxic Lifetime Green Coatings makes it easy to prevent growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria—creating a safer, healthier operational environment.

19 Ways we Beat our Competition

Why Our Green Coating Beats Epoxy and Paint

While epoxy and paint are common floor treatments, they create disadvantages for food-related businesses. Epoxy creates unpleasant fumes, peels easily, and is extremely slippery when wet. Paint wears down fast and isn’t particularly hygienic.

Lifetime Green Coatings beats both epoxy and paint because it’s safe for operations that rely on plants and livestock—including greenhouses, cannabis operations, soy processing plants, and farms.


Lifetime Green Coatings doesn’t release unpleasant odors or unhealthy VOCs. It’s compatible with 350 chemicals, making it safe alongside commonly used agricultural products.


Our food-grade floor coating is NSF-61 certified for agricultural safety, and produces no unhealthy BPA residues.


Lifetime Green Coatings can be applied both horizontally and vertically—so it’s great on walls, work surfaces, and floors.


Epoxy and paint can take days to dry, and can’t be applied when it’s cold. But our floor coating cures in just a few hours, even in chilly temperatures.


Unlike flammable epoxy, Lifetime Green Coatings noncombustible makeup is Class “A” fire rated—reducing the risk of fires and making it easier to meet building codes.

& Anti-Slip

Lifetime Green Coatings fills in the cracks and gaps in concrete surfaces, resulting in smooth, level, slip-resistant floors.

Streamline Your Agricultural Facility Upgrade and Expansion

As your agricultural, food-based operations grow, Lifetime Green Coatings grows with you.

Our top-notch flooring solution is convenient to apply—making it easy for you to keep your business on track without frustrating delays.

  • No Fumes — Avoid the toxic VOCs and fumes of paint and epoxy with our odorless coating.
  • Self-Adhering Application — Fresh coating is easily applied atop older layers of Lifetime Green Coatings, without the need to strip or sand surfaces.
  • Fast Results — Because the application is safe, simple, and swift to cure, employees don’t need to interrupt their work while flooring is upgraded.

Why You’ll Love Lifetime Green Coatings

What makes us different?

Don’t accept worn, unhygienic, slippery surfaces any longer. Get clean, durable, agriculturally safe flooring with Lifetime Green Coatings.

  • Simple to Maintain — Lessen cleaning time and keep flooring healthy from mold, mildew, and bacteria.
  • Easy to Apply — Most surfaces don’t need sanding — we simply sweep, move items, and apply the coating.
  • Professional Service — We communicate quickly, respect your property, and leave your facilities spotless—so you can get back to business.

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