Residential Floor Coating

The Best Eco-Friendly Coating for All Your Floor Surfaces

Is your garage or basement floor looking less than stellar? Are you struggling to find an affordable, non-toxic treatment that is simple and fast to apply? We have the answer you’re looking for! Our residential floor coating is the perfect solution to transform your garage or basement floor into a stunning, durable surface that exceeds your expectations.

Just call on our experts to apply our patented, eco-friendly floor coating to your indoor and outdoor surfaces.

You’ll love the gorgeous, long-lasting performance Lifetime Green Coatings gives your home.

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Versatile Coating for Concrete and More

Lifetime Green Coatings works brilliantly for any surface—concrete, asphalt, metal, foam, and more.

Garage Floors

Garage Floor Coatings

Want a shiny, smooth, stylish garage floor? Our lifetime residential floor coating is ideal for updating that worn down old flooring. And it’s a smart investment for both remodeling and new building projects.


Basement Floor Coatings

Our coating effectively waterproofs basement floors and walls, helping you to create a comfortable, healthy space for entertaining and storage.

Patios, Sidewalks, & Steps

Patio, Sidewalk, and Step Coatings

Lifetime Green Coatings makes patios sparkle, concealing cracks and minimizing sunken surfaces for a more attractive appearance.

Crawl Spaces

Crawl Spaces

Protect this vital area against high humidity, mold, mildew, unpleasant odors, and moisture damage with the waterproofing effects of Lifetime Green Coatings.

How Lifetime Green Coatings Beats Epoxy and Paint

Although epoxy floor coatings and paint are commonly used for residential flooring solutions, they both come with significant disadvantages. Epoxy floor coating produces unpleasant odors, requires a time-consuming application process, and is prone to peeling. Conversely, concrete floor paint exhibits a lackluster appearance and experiences rapid deterioration.

Fast Results

Epoxy and paint can take days to dry, and can’t be applied when it’s cold. But Lifetime Green Coatings cures to the touch in several hours, even in chilly temperatures.

100% Non-Toxic

Unlike epoxy, our coating doesn’t release harsh chemicals or unpleasant odors. Unlike paint, there’s no risk of unhealthy VOCs in LGC proprietary base coat. It’s even BPA-free.


While epoxy can be very slippery when wet, Lifetime Green Coatings floors are more slip-resistant because of our application technique that adds an extra layer of aggregate to the surface.

Lovely, Smooth Surfaces

Avoid expensive, time-consuming renovations to marred surfaces. Lifetime Green Coatings fills in cracks and gaps, giving you an attractive, smooth surface.

Low Maintenance

Lifetime Green Coatings is flexible and doesn’t easily crack or peel. It lasts longer than epoxy and paint. If touch ups are needed (which isn’t too likely), our product adheres to itself making repairs far less time consuming than repairing an epoxy coating.

Love Your Surfaces

Simple, Fast Process — We sweep, apply the coating, add flake and top coat, let it cure then we are done.

Lifetime Green Coatings Is Worth the Investment

Homeowners love the impressive return on investment they get from Lifetime Green Coatings.

Our product is 100% American-made, and we install it personally, eliminating costly 3rd party distributors so we can pass the savings along to you.

And because our coating lasts for years with little to no need for repairs, you’ll also save on the costs of upkeep.

Choose From Over 250 Color Options to Fit Your Home

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Love Your Surfaces with Lifetime Green Coatings

  • Simple, Fast Process — We sweep, apply the coating, and let it cure for a few hours—and then we’re done!
  • Straightforward Communication — You won’t have to wonder about the status of your project. We have lightning-quick communication that keeps everyone in the loop.
  • Literal Lifetime Warranty for Homeowners — When we say Lifetime, we mean it. Our guarantee of lasting results gives you peace of mind with your residential limited lifetime guarantee.
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Discover the long-term benefits for your home—and love the results you get with Lifetime Green Coatings.

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