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Fluid-Applied Floor Coating for Architects & Design-Build Teams

The Top-Performing Commercial Seamless Flooring

The right floor coating is essential to creating lasting value for commercial properties.

With Lifetime Green Coatings, you get attractive, durable liquid applied flooring treatments that outperform alternatives—so you can be confident you’re making the right choice as you coordinate design-build projects.

How Our Floor Coating Beats Epoxy and Other Resinous Flooring

Before / AfterLifetime Green Coatings is used in a wide range of commercial industries:

Our versatile, eco-friendly seamless floor coating outperforms the alternatives. Here’s why:

Lasting Results

Designed to stand up well for years, our fluid floor application is more durable than epoxy and other coatings. It’s also incredibly flexible and doesn’t get brittle.


Unlike epoxy or polyurea finishes, Lifetime Green Coatings uses no harsh chemicals, won’t produce unpleasant odors or harmful VOCs, and is BPA-free.

Works Anywhere

Our coating adheres well to any surface, including concrete, metal, and wood. It’s proven to last in harsh environments, standing up to acid, oil, and salt water.


Our fluid coating is cost-effective and simple to apply. When installed professionally, it self-levels to provide a smooth, secure surface, making it a wise investment.

Meets Building Codes and Industry Requirements

Unlike epoxy, our non-combustible floor treatment is Class A fire rated, meaning it lowers the risk of fires and complies easily with municipal and industry regulations.

It’s also NSF-61 food grade certified, and safe for use in agricultural facilities and commercial kitchens.

A Floor Coating That Protects More Than Floors

When applied vertically to walls, our floor coating effectively creates a waterproof barrier for shower enclosures, locker rooms, parking garages, and more.

Floor Coating Color Samples:

Choose from a selection of solid colors or customize with your choice of colored flakes.

Sinclair Silver

Sinclair Silver

Jensen Steel

Jensen Steel

Natural White

Natural White

Sinclair Silver

Jensen Steel

Bristol Brass

Caterham Copper

Bentley Bronze

Material Specifications:


Key Adhesion Numbers:

Thickness0.050”-0.100” (1.3mm - 2.5mm)
DurabilityAstm C627 [16,000 Passes Of An Average Sized Car] [No Debonding Or Deterioration Occurred]
Tensile StrengthAstm D412 900 Psi (20 mil application) 2000 Psi (35-40 mil application)
ElongationAstm D412 20 - 100%
Crack Bridging1/16” (1.6mm)
Impact Resistance(Izod) 2 Ft-lbsf/Inch ( Drops Sharply At -20°c ) (11 Kgf-mm/Mm)
Hardness - Shore Durometer D 50 +/- 10
HardnessShore Durometer D 50 +/- 10
Heat ResistanceContinuous 200°f (93°c)
Minimum Temperature-20 To -40°f (-30 To -40°c )
Maximum Temperature200°f (93°c)
Water AbsorptionAstm D570 0.3 %
Rapid Chloride PermeabilityAstm C1202 17 (Nil) Coulombs [After 6 Hours]


Lifetime Green Coatings is designed to be long-lasting, and we guarantee your results with a one-year commercial projects warranty.

Customized Seamless Flooring for Any Commercial Facility

Commercial Floor Coating Logos

Create Cohesive Color Schemes

Our floor coating is available in eye-catching tints and custom-colored flakes that mirror brand colors, business logos, company mottos, and other design elements.

Hide Imperfections

Coatings like epoxy may not hide concrete flaws, but our self-leveling treatment smooths floors so they look and feel great.





Get the Lifetime Green Coatings Advantage for Your Design-Builds

Make your design-build commercial projects simple, cost-effective and attractive with Lifetime Green Coatings. We provide:

  • Lightning-quick communication that keeps you well informed
  • VIP treatment that makes it easy to concentrate on your business
  • Safe, reliable, top-notch results for all your commercial flooring installations
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