Dependable Floor Coating

Non-Toxic | Easy to Install | Quick Drying

Easy to Install
Quick Drying

Lifetime Green Coatings is an eco-friendly epoxy alternative floor coating for your home or business.

Put an End to Unsafe, Unsightly Floors

In Your Home

  • Has your epoxy floor discolored, chipped, peeled, or flaked?
  • Is your garage an eyesore?
  • Do you need to waterproof your basement or crawl space?
  • Does your garage floor live up to its potential?

At Your Business

  • Is your flooring a liability risk, causing safety hazards?
  • Are your floors and other critical surfaces degrading?
  • Tired of combating mold and bacteria in your facility?
  • Do you need safe flooring for plants and livestock?

Make Your Space Functional and Appealing

Car in the garage concept image for residential garage floor coatings

In addition to helping you get your garage floors that go beyond mere storage, our natural floor coating also turns basements, crawl spaces, sidewalks, and patios into a space you will enjoy living in.

Workers installing floor coating in a commercial complex

Most companies feel at risk when they have unsafe or degrading surfaces that their employees and customers use. Our toxin-free coating has helped commercial facilities all over, from hospitals to stadiums to food processing plants, make their critical surfaces safe and durable.

Concrete polishing in an agricultural complex concept image for preventing moisture damage

Stop battling mold, bacteria, and wear and tear from frequent cleaning. Our food-grade floor coating is NSF-61 certified safe for dairy farms, greenhouses, the cannabis industry, and other facilities. Plus, it releases zero VOCs and is BPA-free.

Invest in Your Home with a Versatile Floor Coating

Quick Drying


Epoxy and paint can take days to dry, and can’t be applied when it’s cold. But Lifetime Green Coatings only takes a day to cure, even in chilly temperatures. This gets you back to your life fast.

Pet & Human Safe

Pet &
Human Safe

Unlike other applications that produce airborne toxins and residue endangering you and your loved ones, Lifetime Green Coatings is safe for the whole family.

Flame Resistant


Unlike flammable epoxy, Lifetime Green Coatings’ noncombustible makeup achieves a Class “A” fire rating—lowering the risk of fires and making it easier to comply with building codes.

Lifetime Warranty


When we say Lifetime, we mean it. Our lifetime guarantee of lasting results gives you peace of mind.

Our Story

More Than a Floor Coating


Waterproofing and garage floor coating

Protect your home from water intrusion that leads to humidity, mold, and unpleasant odors. Our coating can be applied horizontally and vertically to floors and walls. When applied vertically, it effectively waterproofs basements, crawl spaces, and shower enclosures.



Tired of cracked, uneven, or stained walkways? Our coating adheres to concrete and asphalt to conceal imperfections and fill in cracks. Know that every step is safe and secure with the slip-resistant properties of our coating.



Unsightly cracks and gaps can occur between a wall and patio slab when a home settles. Our coating makes patios sparkle by concealing cracks and minimizing sunken surfaces. This makes for a smooth, level surface to host your next gathering on.

Built Tough by Mother Nature

Eco Friendly


Our surface treatments use no harsh chemicals, zero VOCs, and are BPA-free. Unlike paint and epoxy that have smelly, unhealthy chemicals, Lifetime Green Coatings is odorless and won’t harm your products or employees.

R6 Insulation Rating

R6 Factor

Our R6 insulating value keeps buildings properly warm and cold as needed, lowering energy usage and meeting industry-specific building codes.



Get a decorative finish with custom-colored flakes to show team spirit in your stadium or brand colors in your facility. Top it off with a decal of your logo for a finished look.

Tough as Nails

Tough as Nails

It’s 100% sustainable and adapts well to any industry. It’s proven in the harshest environments, standing up to a variety of chemicals, acids, oil, and even salt water. It adheres to almost any surface including concrete, wood, metal, foam, and epoxy.

Our Simple Process

Step One

a Quote

Because life is busy, we offer flexible scheduling and make deadlines a priority. Making you a priority doesn’t stop there — we have lightning quick communication to keep everyone in the loop. Our high touch technology makes your entire experience, from scheduling to payment, effortless.

Step Two


For commercial applications, we will conduct a site survey to get the proper measurements and details of your project. You’ll know when our team shows up — they’ll be dressed in our professional team uniform and introduce themselves.

Step Three


Because application is safe, simple, and swift to cure, there’s no interruption while flooring is upgraded. We use tarps to protect your stuff, don’t take up your driveway, and won’t leave a mess — we completely respect your property.

Step Four

Your Floors!

We’re not going anywhere — we’re serious about your experience. We’ll give you a follow up call to make sure you still love your new floor coating, and will be around for your next project!

What Makes Lifetime Green Coatings so Different?

We understand how important something as simple as a floor surface can be. Don’t settle for subpar results from epoxy and paint. These treatments don’t deliver the lasting, gorgeous results you’ll enjoy with Lifetime Green Coatings.

  • 100% made in the USA – Since we manufacture our own material, there’s no lag time for products to be delivered. This also saves money by cutting out a 3rd party distributor.
  • Self-Leveling and Anti-Slip —Lifetime Green Coatings self-levels to help fill in worn, uneven gaps in concrete, and includes a natural aggregate giving you a level, slip-resistant floor.
  • Save Your Back — Everyone dreads cleaning out their garage — so we’ll do it for you! For a small fee, we will move your belongings to a safe storage pod, plus we will even move them back afterwards.
  • We Clean Up — Unlike some companies that back charge you when they leave their junk behind, we don’t leave any hazardous materials or trash for you to clean up.