Coating Your Growing Facility With Ecodur

by Lifetime Green Coatings |

Jan 04, 2020 |

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Having become such a prominent industry that it is, cannabis production has become a highly competitive business and is becoming more lucrative with every passing month.

This has, of course, garnered a lot of attention from local governments who are looking to impose ever-stricter rules and regulations to make sure that the end product is safe for use, especially considering it’s going to end up in pharmaceutical and nutritive products.

Cannabis facility construction and operation are an important aspect of these regulations. We can help you make sure your production floor is safe and completely toxin-free by coating your cannabis facility with Ecodur.

Risks of Bare Concrete and Epoxy Floor Coating

Both leaving your production floor unprotected and covering it with epoxy-based floor coating are not great ideas.

Let us start with the former – concrete is a porous material, no matter how strong or solid it may seem to be. Liquids and particles can seep into it, allowing for an accumulation of bacteria and other pathogens. These can then wreak havoc on your business by contaminating the product and losing you a lot of money on recalls and the subsequent loss of reputation.

Concrete is also a rather dark and unreflective surface, increasing the already amped-up electric bills of a cannabis facility.

Epoxy is not the healthiest of options – it has been around the longest and has a proven track record, which is why it’s still so popular. However, when you are producing goods that are to be consumed by people, much higher standards apply – and that’s exactly what the cannabis industry is.

If you plan on people ingesting your products, epoxy is a no-go. It contains volatile organic compounds and toxins that are bad for your worker and customer alike.

Ecodur Floor Coating

Lifetime Coating’s Ecodur is exactly what you need for your cannabis facility – an all-natural, epoxy-free floor coating with an entire team of experts on concrete and hard materials behind it.

Ecodur is VOC and toxin-free, made from castor oil and gypsum. Besides being completely natural, these materials also ensure that our floor coating is a class A fire retardant, so that’s one less problem to worry about.

Therefore, using our patented, American-made floor coating means you won’t have to worry about the toxins, noxious smell of epoxy, or the porousness of concrete. While we went out of our way to depict bare concrete as a poor solution to your production floor issues, the material itself is actually an excellent substratum for Ecodur.

Moreover, using our product is cheaper, as very little preparation is required before laying down Ecodur. No grinding of the floor is needed – a sweep or two with the broom and your floor will be ready for coating.

Once your cannabis facility is coated in Ecodur, you will not have to wait for long for the curing process to finish. Employees will be able to go around their usual business in a matter of hours. Once the adhesive latches on the concrete below, you are all set. The Lifetime Coatings floor has 100% adhesion and 120% elongation – this means that minor shifts underneath it will not cause the coating to break away – it will just flex instead.

Last but not least, our all-natural floor coating is safe for all environments and NSF-61 certified for use in grow facilities.

New Growing Facility

Coating a cannabis facility with Ecodur is affordable, fast, and completely safe for everyone involved.

Your facility will look new, fresh, quite impressive for tours of the production floor, and more than sufficiently clean for making of cannabis products.

By introducing Lifetime Coatings to your business, you will be one giant leap closer to meeting all the stringent regulations placed before the cannabis industry. With our assistance, your customers and employees will be safe, and your operating costs reduced.


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