Is There an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Epoxy Floor Coating?

by Lifetime Green Coatings |

Jun 15, 2021 |

alternative to epoxy floor coating

A common floor coating, epoxy, may look good when it’s applied, but over time it disappoints due to its underperformance. It may peel, chip, or flake due to normal daily use, leaving homeowners and businesses with the tedious task of having it removed and a new garage floor coating installed.

Lifetime Green Coatings is an eco-friendly alternative to epoxy. While epoxy is toxic when applied, our garage floor coating isn’t. Here are more of the stark contrasts between epoxy and our garage treatment.

Epoxy 101

While epoxy flooring options are known for their initial sleek appearance, they have limitations worth considering before you choose your garage flooring material. Once you have epoxy installed, it’s difficult and costly to remove. Successfully eliminating epoxy from a concrete floor requires hiring a contractor to grind it off—hopefully without damaging the underlying concrete (or you will have to get a new concrete floor poured).

Epoxy flooring requires a tedious installation process, costly maintenance, and offers only a temporary flooring solution to homeowners. It’s slippery when wet, creating possible hazards for you, your family, or staff. Worst of all, its strong toxic fumes that fill the air during installation can harm both you and the environment.

Epoxy-coated flooring not only smells badly during installation but also gives off a potent toxic smell for several weeks. Epoxy negatively impacts health due to the fumes it emits. It can cause eyes, nose, and throat irritation, can impact your nervous system negatively, may trigger asthma attacks, and can also produce skin irritation.

If epoxy flooring isn’t installed properly, it can peel, leaving your garage floor looking subpar, and making it vulnerable to additional damage. Other common problems that can emerge from epoxy flooring are bubbles that give the surface a blistered look. Blisters are caused by incorrect mixing, applying it to a porous surface, and rushing the epoxy application.

Epoxy flooring may discolor over time. And UV rays cause the resin to darken, giving your flooring an unpleasant overall look.

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Get an Eco-Friendly Garage Floor Coating

Lifetime Green Coatings is 100% sustainable and adapts well to any industry. It adheres to almost any surface including concrete, wood, metal, foam, and more.

Here are some features people love about our coating:

  • Agriculturally safe—Our food grade floor coating is NSF-61 certified safe for agricultural and water exposure, and produces no unhealthy BPA residues.
  • Made in the USA—We manufacture our own flooring material right here in America, so there’s no lag time on your product delivery.
  • Environmentally friendly—Our eco-friendly garage floor coating and concrete seal is made of natural materials, so it gives off a pleasant scent while it’s being installed. We use no harsh chemicals and no VOCs, so our product won’t harm you, your family, or your staff.
  • Cures quickly—Once applied, it cures in only an hour, making installation a simple process that updates your home or business in one day. The convenience of its easy application means you can literally use it the day after your upgrade.
  • Long lasting—With proven performance for over 25 years, our treatment is extremely strong. Hot tires, salt, sand, oil, or other auto fluids don’t cause it to break down. Our tough garage floor coating can be relied on, even with heavy daily use—like a typical parking garage situation. With 100% adhesion and 120% elongation, our coating will even flex if the surface it’s on moves.
  • Excellent warranty—Our treatment stands up to the most demanding conditions. Because of its track record, we offer an extended warranty, giving you peace of mind that your new flooring will last.
  • Low-maintenance—In the rare event that your new flooring becomes damaged due to high impact, we can fix it quickly and easily. We simply make cosmetic repairs with our coating, which bonds to itself years after your original coating was applied. It self-levels, making it difficult to detect a repair was even made.
  • Cost-effective—While other floor coatings require messy grinding or acid washing so they stick to your surface, our eco-friendly garage floor coating and concrete sealing is done with simple preparation and in a safe work environment. The step needed before our garage floor coating is applied is simply a basic broom sweeping. By eliminating the costly preparation other coatings require, we are able to deliver a cost-effective flooring solution for your home or business.
  • Easy to customize—If you desire a decorative finish, we can create custom-colored flakes to complement your taste, your favorite team, or brand.
  • Fire safe—Unlike flammable epoxy, our garage floor coating has a Class “A” fire rating, increasing the safety of your home and family. It lowers the risk of fires and makes it easier to comply with building codes.
  • Easy to clean—Decrease your cleaning time of our attractive treatment, and keep your flooring free of unhealthy mold, mildew, and bacteria with simple cleaning methods.

The Lifetime Green Coatings Difference

Lifetime Green Coatings, our environmentally friendly company, delivers not only a fabulous flooring material, but also expert application. Get the best long-term solution for your garage floor with our reliable company and material.

People love our VIP treatment and the versatility of our product. It can be applied horizontally and vertically so it’s great on walls, work surfaces, and floors. Its anti-slip nature adds an element of safety to your surface, protecting both you and your family from accidents.

Unlike other applications that create airborne toxins and residue endangering you and your loved ones, our installation is safe for the whole family.

We simplify the garage flooring application from start to finish, making your experience stress-free and painless.

Get a quote for your residential or commercial garage floor upgrade. You’re going to love your attractive, long-lasting coating.


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