Lifetime Coatings Under Your Roof

by Lifetime Green Coatings |

Dec 02, 2019 |

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You do your best to decorate your home and turn it into a place suitable for people to live in. You create memories, display them around the house, and otherwise showcase your unique and amazing style.

One part of the house that the owners often forego, or simply turn into a storage area, is the garage. Spare parts, boxes upon boxes of needless things, and old tools usually clutter the area, leaving just enough room for the car to fit.

Lifetime Coatings can turn this waste of space into yet another area of your home that you get to brag about. We bring mother nature into your home in the most unexpected place possible – your garage.

All Natural Floor Coating

With a product that surpasses epoxy-based floor coatings in all areas, we pride ourselves on our ability to stay green, while providing higher quality protection at the same time.

We use castor oil and gypsum in the manufacture of our Ecodur floor coating. Completely toxin-free and natural in every way, our floor coating comes without the noxious smell of epoxy and is more resilient. With a curing time much shorter than that of traditional epoxy floor coating, you’ll be able to park your car in the garage in a couple of hours after the application of our coating.

Dress to Impress

Yes, our floor coating will protect the garage floor from hot tires, oil dripping from the car, and hundreds of other chemicals that you can spill in there.

But more importantly, our garage floor coating lets you show off your taste. Impress friends, family, and neighbors with an elegant garage coating that speaks to your style. We offer six primary color options for you to choose from: Sinclair SIlver, Jensen Steel, Aston Gold, Bristol Brass, Caterham Copper, and Bentley Bronze.

Pick the one that strikes you as the most beautiful and appealing coating for your garage floor and rest assured that it will serve you for years (decades even) to come.


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