Company: Lightshade
Location: Denver, CO
Renovations: Grow Room Floor Coating

Epoxy Flooring Gone Wrong

A Denver cannabis production plant was making improvements. They had an epoxy floor installed a few years back, but it was failing and needed to be replaced ASAP. This 24/7 facility needed something completely different. 

Their new flooring replacement would need to have low VOC so the plants wouldn’t be exposed to toxic chemicals. They also needed a flooring solution that would cure quickly and be installed while live plants were in the room. 

They not only needed a miracle floor coating, but a company that could be flexible with their scheduling demands.

Grow Facility Case Study | Before

A Floor Coating That Can Do It All

Enter Lifetime Green Coatings. Our company is very familiar with the unfortunate side effects that epoxy gives over time — in fact, many cannabis facilities who have installed epoxy flooring will have to deal with future challenges of flaking and brittle floors.

Our Denver customer turned to us because we were able to offer them a non-toxic coating with low VOC and a quick cure time (the install only took one day)!

Our coating is flexible, durable under high traffic conditions, and can handle regularly wet surfaces and cleaning agent exposure on a daily basis. Talk about a miracle floor coating!

Key Adhesion Numbers:

Thickness0.050”-0.100” (1.3mm - 2.5mm)
DurabilityAstm C627 [16,000 Passes Of An Average Sized Car] [No Debonding Or Deterioration Occurred]
Tensile StrengthAstm D412 900 Psi (20 mil application) 2000 Psi (35-40 mil application)
ElongationAstm D412 20 - 100%
Crack Bridging1/16” (1.6mm)
Impact Resistance(Izod) 2 Ft-lbsf/Inch ( Drops Sharply At -20°c ) (11 Kgf-mm/Mm)
Hardness - Shore Durometer D 50 +/- 10
HardnessShore Durometer D 50 +/- 10
Heat ResistanceContinuous 200°f (93°c)
Minimum Temperature-20 To -40°f (-30 To -40°c )
Maximum Temperature200°f (93°c)
Water AbsorptionAstm D570 0.3 %
Rapid Chloride PermeabilityAstm C1202 17 (Nil) Coulombs [After 6 Hours]

What We Did

We removed the epoxy coating using a triple head diamond grinder with a hepa-vac extension to gather dust and keep the plants from being exposed to debris.

We installed our patented, multi-level Lifetime Green Coatings flooring system, with a 35 mil base coat in our Jensen Steel color, followed by a 15 mil gray tinted topcoat with a 40:60 grit added for slip resistance. Adding slip resistance is vital in a grow operation where floors are routinely wet.

Grow Facility Epoxy floor Replacement
Grow Facility Epoxy floor Replacement

Overcoming a Multi-Phase Installation Challenge

Another huge reason Lightshade chose to work with us was that we were able to adapt to their multi-phase installation. Multi-phase means we weren’t installing a 30,000 sf pad from start to finish — instead we installed a few rooms at one setting, as much as they can free up while still remaining operational. It’s a complex schedule of multiple installations around the plant grow and harvesting cycles. We were glad we could meet their scheduling needs! 

Epoxy Floor Replacement in Grow Facility

Beautiful Results

This client was thrilled with our ability to come in on time and on budget. They were also pleased with our level of communication, having had several different strategy meetings both virtual and in-person, as well as meetings with several different executive managers from our company. 

Now they have a beautiful, safe floor coating that is warm and inviting… we even embedded their company logo on the floor! This Denver cannabis production plant can look forward to many years of growth with a durable floor that will outlast epoxy any day.

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