What Are the Different Types of Garage Floor Coatings?

by Lifetime Green Coatings |

Apr 15, 2021 |

different types garage floor coatings


Too many homeowners live with a cluttered, dirty garage and miss the opportunity to upgrade their living environment by improving their garage—from floor to ceiling.

If you’d like to increase the usability of your garage and fix common problems with its concrete floor, begin by decluttering and organizing your garage, and then choose the best coating for its floor upgrade.

Interestingly, there are a variety of options when it comes to garage floor coatings. And it’s important to know the different floor coating options before deciding which will best meet your long-term needs.

Choose the Best Finish for Your Garage Floor

When you drive your car for a long period of time, your tires heat up. Warm tires cause rubber to stick to your concrete garage floor. This is called “hot tire pickup” and can cause any paint on your garage floor to peel, diminishing its look. Under the weight of your family’s cars and trucks, garage floors can experience cracks and breakages.

Your garage is less insulated than the rest of your home, so it’s more susceptible to moisture damage and warping when temperatures change. Your garage flooring needs to be less prone to damage to these types of conditions.

To spruce up your garage and make it both functional and good looking, consider a garage floor coating. Here are some different types:

Distinct types of garage floor coatings

Paint—This common, affordable garage floor coating option may look good at first, but it won’t last. Painting your garage floor exposes you to harmful VOCs. It may be affordable in the present, but it will cost you time and money in the future because in order to maintain a good-looking garage floor, you will need to repaint your floor again and again over the years. It’s slippery when wet and high maintenance, so it’s not a good long-term solution.

Epoxy—This isn’t paint, but rather a coating to put on your garage floor. It comes in a variety of different color and style options like matte or high shine, so it’s a functional and attractive solution. The problem is that it’s super time-consuming to apply, and will cause your garage to be out of commission for a period of time as it cures. It lasts longer than paint, but not as long as Lifetime Green Coatings. It easily peels, wears down, and will need to be reapplied again and again, so it’s not a good long-term solution. Epoxy generates nasty fumes, and is also flammable.

Concrete sealer—This will make your garage floor look better and will ward off future stains to your floor. It has a slight sheen to it and can give your garage a little update. It comes in solvent-based or water-based options.

Solvent-based gives you better protection and lasts longer, but water-based puts less toxins into the air while you apply it. The problem with concrete sealer is that it’s slippery, and it will require high maintenance because you will need to reseal your floor every few years. It won’t transform your garage floor like our coating will, but if you just want a temporary fix, concrete sealer is at least a little better than doing nothing at all.

Lifetime Green Coatings—If you’re looking for a valuable, more sustainable option for your garage floor, choose our garage floor coating. Our patented combination of natural materials like castor oil and gypsum creates a durable coating with premium qualities.

This “green” coating is safe for people of all ages and will boost your resale value. It doesn’t require messy grinding to stick to your garage floor, saving you money. If it somehow gets damaged, it’s easy for us to repair because it self-levels and bonds to itself regardless of the age of the original coating. It outperforms other garage coatings, giving you the high-performance, durable garage floor coating you deserve.

Our coating only takes a day to cure, making installation a breeze. This outstanding solution doesn’t easily wear down, chip, peel, or flake. It’s 100% non-toxic, flame resistant, and looks fabulous!

Our garage floor coating is low maintenance because it resists hot tire pickup. It’s also slip resistant, so you can be assured you’re well protected even after a storm.

Our coating flexes with movement, so it won’t crack or peel. If it ever gets damaged (which usually doesn’t happen), a new coating can simply be added at any time on top of your original coating.

Get the style that brings out the best in your space. Choose from:

  • Sinclair Silver
  • Jensen Steel
  • Bristol Brass
  • Caterham Copper
  • Bentley Bronze


Lifetime Green Coatings is not only safe for humans, but also for pets. There’s no need to be concerned about airborne toxins endangering you or your pets.

Our simple process includes:

  • A quote—We offer flexible appointment times to accommodate your schedule.
  • A site survey—We fully evaluate the scope of your project by taking exact measurements and discussing the details of the application of your garage floor coating.
  • Installation—We apply your sustainable garage floor coating and as a result, it’s ready to go in about 30 minutes.
  • Follow-up—We check back with your after your new floor coating installation to verify you’re fully satisfied with its beauty and function.

You Can’t Beat the Perfect Application of Lifetime Green Coatings

At Lifetime Green Coatings, we understand how important the surface of your garage floor can be. We manufacture our own product, so there’s no lag time for it to be delivered. You’ll get a slip resistant floor that looks fabulous.

Our product comes with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing lasting results. Unlike some companies, we clean up after applying our treatment, and we don’t leave trash behind for you to tend to.

Learn more about how your garage can become more functional and appealing with our attractive floor coating.


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