How Our Floor Coating Makes Cleaning a Breeze

by Lifetime Green Coatings |

Jul 14, 2021 |

How Our Floor Coating Makes Cleaning a Breeze 01

Are you tired of the tedious cleaning your commercial or residential kitchen floor requires? Do you have pets that constantly shed? Is sanitizing your bathroom floor too time-consuming? Does your commercial property’s flooring need an easy-to-clean solution?

When flooring gets dirty, it can mar the look of your whole space. Finding a low-maintenance solution simplifies daily life for years to come. Spend your free time enjoying the people you love rather than getting bogged down with the hassle of cleaning.

Easy-to-Clean Flooring

Our versatile flooring makes upkeep simple in a variety of residential and commercial settings.

A Garage Floor Coating that Makes Cleaning a Breeze

Lifetime Green Coatings flexes as buildings settle so it doesn’t crack. It bonds to itself, so if you ever need a little repair, it can easily be accomplished at any time without a trace of evidence.

A Durable Flooring Solution for Pet Lovers

If you have cats, dogs or other pets, you need an enduring flooring. Pets tend to leave hair and more for you to clean up daily. It can be tedious trying to keep up with their constant shedding and the debris of dirt they leave in their wake.

Our treatment gives you an easy-to-clean solution that takes the sting out of tidying up after pets. Even if you need to clean it frequently due to your pets, it will look fabulous for years to come.

Unlike other applications that produce airborne toxins that could endanger you and your pets, our coating is safe for everyone!

A Low-Maintenance Flooring for Commercial Properties

If your commercial flooring is wearing out, it can hinder your business. Lifetime Green Coatings’ toxic free surface coating gives you a safe, slip resistant, low-upkeep surface that gives your business the look you desire and the function you need. Our commercial-grade treatment meets building codes and regulations, offering the perfect low-maintenance solution no matter what type of business you own:

  • Food and Beverage—Our easy upkeep, NSF 61 food-grade certified coating is perfect for food processing plants, commercial kitchens, stadiums, dairy milking facilities, and beverage bottling factories.
  • Industrial and Manufacturing—Our treatment cures so quickly that it won’t hinder your business. It works perfectly for parking garages, airports, hangars, loading docks, shipping decks, auto repair shops, and steel production plants.
  • Healthcare and Medical—This floor coating stands up to the deep cleaning and sanitization necessary to sterilize surgical rooms, dental offices, hospitals, and gyms.
  • Retail—Our slip-resistant product holds up under an abundance of foot traffic, and it’s the perfect low-maintenance solution for grocery stores, shopping malls, event centers, food courts, and even movie theatres.
  • Agriculture—Lifetime Green Coatings cleans up easily in greenhouses, soy processing plants, the cannabis industry, mushroom facilities, poultry, cattle and pig farming.

An Easy-to-Clean Kitchen Floor for Your Home

Are you tired of the constant upkeep tiled flooring requires? Keeping up with the cleaning requirements of not only the tile but also the grout used to seal it can become a hassle. Our non-toxic floor coating doesn’t emit VOCs when it is applied, and it’s super easy to clean.

The Perfect Flooring for Your Basement

Waterproof your basement floors and walls with our coating. It’s easily applied not only horizontally (on floors) but also vertically (on walls). It gives your finished basement a crisp look and cuts down on your cleaning time.

Transform Your Patio, Sidewalk, and Steps with Our Low-Maintenance Treatment

The surfaces outside your home can literally sparkle with our coating. It conceals any old cracks, and minimizes any previously sunken surfaces to boost your home exterior’s overall look. Clean with a simple garden hose and broom to keep it looking fabulous for years to come.

A Commercial Kitchen and Bathroom Flooring with Easy Upkeep

Commercial kitchens get a lot of wear and tear, and commercial bathrooms can tend to have a great deal of foot traffic—and both need to be sanitized daily! Our coating delivers a slip-free flooring solution that prevents falls and promotes safety. This BPA-free coating delivers the optimal flooring for both commercial kitchens and bathrooms. It’s so durable that even daily sanitization won’t cause Lifetime Green Coatings to wear out.

It’s easy to clean and won’t crack or peel—giving you the great looks and simple care you desire for your business. If it ever needs a touch-up, simply apply another coat on top of the old one, and let it dry for a few hours. It levels automatically, creating the optimal aesthetic for your business.

Garage Floor Coatings

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the multiple options available when it comes to garage floor coatings, you’re not alone. It can be challenging trying to solve the problems garages are known for: hot tire pickup, cracks and breaks, grease and grime.

Make an informed decision by learning more about the different types of garage floor coatings. If you’re having a hard time deciding between paint and our floor coating, check out this blog post.

Read What Others Are Saying About Lifetime Green Coating

As a homeowner or commercial business owner, you may have used epoxy floor coating or paint in the past, but then discovered its short lifespan and underperformance as a floor covering. Those options are highly toxic when applied, and then peel, chip, or flake due to daily use.

Eco-friendly Lifetime Green Coatings is 100% non-toxic. There are no harsh chemicals or potent smells when it’s applied. It keeps its crisp look longer than paint or epoxy. It boosts your home or business’s resale value, and gives you the low maintenance you desire in flooring.

Don’t take our word for it. Read our reviews to find out what homeowners and business owners are saying about our durable floor coating.


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