What Ecodur Can Do for You?

by Lifetime Green Coatings |

Nov 12, 2019 |

What is Ecodur

With so many companies and industries worldwide still swearing by their epoxy and urethane floor coatings, it almost seems as if these organic compounds are flawless and in no need of replacement.

Epoxy can indeed protect your production floor and keep it from causing undue damage to people and equipment alike, while simultaneously looking good for the prying eyes of potential clients. You can even choose colors and customize your epoxy to reflect the style and orientation of your business, but what is the price of using these ubiquitous volatile materials?

The Harmfulness of Epoxy

While it may be the cheapest and most readily available compound, epoxy does not come without its fair share of harmful side-effects.

Most people argue that the smell can get truly unbearable, but if you’re really using epoxy to cover your floors and protect them from wear and tear of heavy industry or chemicals, both you and your employees will be in harm’s way.

The toxins that epoxy exposes you to will not have you suffer from short-term symptoms only. Yes, there will be nose and throat irritation, annoying you with a running nose and incessant coughing. Shortness of breath can occur just as well, and some employees will be more susceptible to these symptoms as they’re inhaling vaporized toxins and chemicals.

However, more severe conditions may develop in the long run, including (but not limited to) asthma, heart disease, and even cancer. And that is just considering your employees who work in warehouses or handling chemicals. When you’re in the food business or any other industry that involves products to be consumed by people, such as cannabis-based products for medical purposes, you owe it not just to your employees, but also to your customers, to avoid poisoning them with harmful toxins that can seep into literally anything.

The Alternative

So, what is Ecodur and what can it do for you?

Ecodur is an all-natural material, produced right here in the USA, and completely devoid of all the toxins that can harm your prospective customers. Our castor oil and gypsum product is safe for people in its vicinity, being finally rid of all those volatile organic compounds so troublesome for everyone who gets to inhale them. We’ve had USDA regulations in mind when we were developing our non-epoxy floor coating, meaning we uphold the highest standards, the same standards that apply to the food that we ingest.

Other Considerations

Our natural floor coating is not only toxin-free, perfect for anyone in the business of cannabis oil production, but it’s also rid of that unbearable and head-spinning smell of epoxy. Your production floor will be both a healthier environment for everyone and also less suffocating to breathe in.

What about the renowned durability of epoxy-based floor coating? Well, we’ve surpassed that too, our natural floor coating being less susceptible to cracking and deteriorating. Being more flexible than the current industry standard issue of floor coating, it reacts better to the minor movement of the surface and will shift with it.

Finally, the curing time of epoxy can be as long as 24 hours, resulting in a whole day of production lost. On the other hand, our natural floor coating cures in a matter of hours, preventing you from losing that much time and money.


With our all-natural, toxin-free floor coating, your business is bound to be approved by the USDA as completely safe for everyone involved, including your end-users. Introduce Lifetime Coating floors in your homes, offices, and agricultural endeavors. You’ll not only be keeping your family, employees, and products safe, but you’ll also be actively engaging in keeping the planet clean and green.


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